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ARS American Roofing Solutions LLC can inspect your Tile roof for leaks, Damaged Tiles, and show you how professional roof repairs and roof cleaning can make your home look new again. 
You can drastically raise the value in your home for just a fraction of the price it would take to replace the Tile Roof by simply calling us. A New Tile Roof Replacement worth tens of thousands of dollars can be repaired professionally by a BBB At  Rated Local Professional Roofing Contractor.
ARS American Roofing Solutions specializes in restoring your tile roof to a like-new appearance. Tile roofs are very expensive to repair or replace. Therefore, when considering having your roof cleaned to remove fungus, algae, and staining, it is important that you use a professional tile roofing contractor with proven experience to be on your roof. We will perform the necessary repairs on flashings, valleys, replacing cracked or broken tiles to make your tile roof leak-free and look new again. We can even remove existing tiles, replace the underlayment, put your existing tiles back with a guaranteed warranty.
ARS American Roofing Solutions Tile roofing repairs have become our specialty over the last (30) years. There are a huge demand and a lack of qualified roofing contractors performing this work. Repairs performed on tile roofs in the Houston, Spring, Katy, Sugarland. Kingwood and The Woodlands area present some of the biggest challenges of all tile roof problems in Harris County. We have seen the largest percentage of recurring problems come from inexperienced roofing contractors working on tile roofs, they don't know even how to walk on them, breaking tiles while they are, Inspecting, or performing the actual repairs. Leaks are easily diagnosed and the nature of the roof system can be REPAIRED to an experienced and qualified roofing contractor. Most of the time the tile roof is broken down just because the repairs are being attempted by an inexperienced roofer that doesn't even know how to walk on a tile roof. Roofers that apply black cement, caulking or tile grout all over the tile roof are again inexperienced in this phase of tile roof repairs. When this type of repair strategy fails, it will cost you (HOMEOWNER) a lot of extra money when we are called out. Unfortunately, we have to start the process completely over and this type of Tile Roof Repairs is not cheap to start with. So don't waste your hard-earned money, call ARS American Roofing Solutions first and get your Tile Roof Repairs DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!



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If you're looking to update or upgrade your tile roofing and waterproof your home, we've got you covered. Book a consultation to discuss our ten different types of roof repair components and environmentally friendly options about tile roof repair Houston Heights The Woodlands


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