April 2, 2020

Hiring ARS ROOF As Your Roofing Contractor


You're about to make a big investment so it's important that you do your research.
The following five steps should be taken before hiring any contractor:
1. Ask the Contractor for a copy for the following:
     •  References to past projects similar to what you'd like to have completed.
         Check other Companies to Compare on Google Search roof repair Houston
     •   Be careful of companies with similar names - verify the company address, their reviews!
     •   Move your cursor over the first column (the magnifying
     •    Glass) and a small window will pop up; click the "View Reviews" link in the window.
2. Call the References provided. Be sure to ask the following five questions:
     •   Why did you choose this contractor for your project?
     •   Did the work meet your expectations?
     •   Did this contractor meet all deadlines and keep the project within budget?
     •   Can you schedule a time to see their completed project?
     •   Would you hire this contractor again?
3. Make sure the Contractor offers a Warranty on materials and Workmanship before the final payment.
Thank You for reading and hopefully, this could be of some help to save you money and time with making tough decisions with all your roofing repair needs!!